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Kaarbn Seven25

Dead Sea Clay Mask

Dead Sea Clay Mask

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Originating from the Dead Sea, this sea clay has high levels of magnesium, potassium, sulfate and calcium. This helps to remove toxins, provide gentle exfoliation and revitalize dull/tired skin. Perfect for all skin types including sensitive! 
Note this product is natural and may vary in color


How to Use:

This mask can be used 1 - 2 times a week. We recommend mixing in a non-metal container or simply in the palm of your hand. This is due to the clays having a naturally net negative ion charge that pulls out the positively charged bacteria and yucky stuff hiding deep down in your pores. Mixing in a metal bowl can possibly change the composition!  

Add water to mix into a paste that is not too thin or thick. We recommend slowly adding water to your portioned clay bit by bit and mixing as you go. Your desired consistency will be smooth and easy to apply (Not too runny and not hard to spread). 

Apply and allow to dry for 25-35 minutes (or possibly longer if you choose to!). We recommend allowing the mask to dry about 80%.   

Rinse off with warm water in a circular motion. 

Shelf Life

Our recommended shelf life is 6 months. Store in room temperature and a dry location. 



100% Maris Limus

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